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Congratulations to new AAUW CEO Kim Churches!

DRis delighted to announce the placement of Kimberly Churches as the new AAUW CEO.

AAUW and DRworked together this year on a leadership transition designed to expand AAUW’s non-partisan member engagement and advocacy in an increasingly polarized and inequitable socio-economic environment.

A grassroots organization with members in every Congressional district in the U.S., AAUW enjoys a deeply embedded and far-reaching strength that can marshal resources at the local, regional, and national levels to build problem-solving communities around women’s most pressing needs. While this strength has been the backbone of long-lasting networks among AAUW’s long-time members, AAUW has also been at the forefront of program development for a next generation of women who enjoy a wealth of new opportunities but also confront persistent challenges to their ability to take advantage of them. As the new AAUW CEO, Kimberly Churches will lead AAUW’s efforts to build inclusive communities that meet these challenges.

Kimberly comes to AAUW from the Brookings Institution, where as Managing Director she strategically guided the public policy organization, providing vision and problem-solving skills, expansive partnership-building and external relations, and fundraising. Before joining Brookings, Kimberly served as Associate Vice Chancellor at the University of Denver, Director of Development at the University of North Florida, and Division Director at the American Heart Association. She has extensive experience working collaboratively on education (K–12 and higher education) as well as capacity building among grassroots groups and national and international nonprofits. Kimberly earned her BA at Florida State University in English Education and the Certified Fund Raising Executive affiliation in 2002.

DRiWaterstone looks forward to hearing about the great work that Kim and AAUW do together in the coming years.

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