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Congratulations to St. Pat’s Assistant Head of School for Development!

DRis delighted to announce the placement of Suzanne Burrows  as St. Pat’s Assistant Head of School for Development.

St. Patrick’s is devoted to extending children’s natural curiosity, shaping their appetite for learning, and sparking enthusiastic new interests that prepare them to live lives of integrity, passion, and purpose. Founded in 1956 as a nursery school in the basement of St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, it is now a thriving parish day school with more than 500 students enrolled in Nursery through Grade 8 across two Washington, D.C. campuses. DRi completed an executive search to identify St. Pat’s Assistant Head of School for Development. St. Pat’s needed someone who would expand support for a bold new strategic plan that calls for enhancements to its superb education and, just as importantly, to the identification of new financial models that will help bring that education within reach of more Washington-area children and families.

Suzanne brings to St. Patrick’s extensive experience in fundraising for educational institutions. Suzanne previously served in the development departments of St. Columba’s Nursery School, the American Council on Education, the School for Friends, and the Maret School, and she most recently was the Director of Development for the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys. Suzanne’s record of implementing multi-million-dollar campaigns and exceeding revenue targets speaks to her expert knowledge of how to monitor and evaluate powerful fundraising progress. Her expertise was matched by her clear commitment to and passion for children’s educational institutions. Suzanne earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Wells College and her Juris Doctor at American University.

We wish Suzanne and St. Pat’s the best of luck in pursuing the school’s new strategic direction and in welcoming more Washington-area children and families to its community. We are looking forward to seeing the results of their shared success.

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