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Introducing Ivymount Chief Development Officer Laura Duvelius

DRis pleased to announce Laura Duvelius as the next Ivymount Chief Development Officer. DRand Ivymount worked together this year to conduct an executive search for a fundraiser who could had the rare set of skills necessary to become a partner to researchers, donors, and parents of special-needs children at a trailblazing organization.

Since 1961, the Ivymount Corporation has created nationally recognized programs and partnerships for those with autism and special needs and their families, working to ensure that its innovative approach is widely disseminated across the larger field of special education and support services. Ivymount School has served more than 8,000 students since its founding, helping them graduate and transition to continued education, employment, and adult life. Their trailblazing service programs have received recognition from peer-reviewed journals to the White House. After the impressive rate of programmatic growth over the last 12 years, the next Ivymount Chief Development Officer needed to be a dedicated and innovative fundraiser who could build national fundraising initiatives to match the school’s reputation. Laura will take the lead in increasing the organization’s annual revenue to $5 million over the next 5 years.

Laura has an accomplished record both in serving youth and expanding support. She previously served as the Director of Development for Adoptions Together, where she grew revenue substantially and tripled the pipeline of donors. Additionally, she worked with Easter Seals to fund events for children with diabetes, and also spent more than two years as a juvenile caseworker. Her record of success in institutions dedicated to helping disadvantaged children was a perfect match for Ivymount’s needs. Laura earned her Bachelor of Arts at Michigan State University and her Master of Social Work at Wayne State University.

We know Laura will be an invaluable addition to Ivymount and its development program. We wish Laura and Ivymount Corporation success on their future endeavors and is eager to see the impact of their new initiatives in the region and across the country.

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