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Congratulations to new FINCA CDO Colleen Zakrewsky

DRis happy to announce and congratulate Colleen Zakrewsky as the next Chief Development Officer for FINCA International. As the next FINCA CDO, Colleen will play an instrumental role in empowering enterprising individuals and communities around the world.

DRand FINCA worked hard to find the right candidate that could effectively manage the deep responsibility of the position. The CDO of FINCA would be required to bridge the donor and impact investment world to support programs of global reach. All facets of fundraising, including small donors, major gifts, foundations, and grants, as well as investments from the public and private sectors are needed to support FINCA’s work. Just as FINCA uses its resources to achieve projects that create ripple effects in communities around the world, the next FINCA CDO would need to creatively utilize massive returns in funding.

DRidentified Colleen as the perfect candidate who could achieve these impressive rates of growth. She had consistently secured large gifts for her organizations and possessed a collaborative nature with both senior leaders and large staff that would ideally serve FINCA’s needs. Her previous experience living in Côte d’Ivoire for a year gave her unparalleled experience with the local populations that FINCA seeks to directly connect with.

Additionally, Colleen has a long history of serving the underserved. During her extensive 25-year fundraising career, she has served multiple roles within the American Red Cross and the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Most recently, she served as the Vice President for Marketing, Development, and Communications at Women for Women International. Her marketing and development experience in that role would make for a seamless transition with the private and public donors of FINCA. Colleen received her Bachelor’s Degree from Bucknell University and her Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications from American University.

DRlooks forward to hearing of the worldwide impact that Colleen and FINCA will accomplish together.

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