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Introducing Two Ocean Conservancy Senior Portfolio Managers

DRiWaterstone is happy to announce the placement of two Ocean Conservancy Senior Portfolio Managers. Jean Hillstrom and Alexandra South will be responsible for a comprehensive docket of foundation and government grants and donors that conserve our planet’s waters.

Ocean Conservancy works to create sustainable solutions for the planet’s oceans and the millions of people around the world that depend on their waters. Oceans produce the air we breathe, the food and water we eat and drink, are home to an unequaled amount of biological diversity, and are under sever stress.

DR had to find not just one, but two incredibly passionate individuals that could support Ocean Conservancy’s vital work. These individuals would not only have to be knowledgeable of the intricate grant writing and application process,  but also apply this to the technical work that Ocean Conservancy conducts. It was clear from Jean and Alexandra’s prior experience that they would be just as trailblazing in their work as Ocean Conservancy is in its work.

Jean previously spent nearly 20 years at Leidos/Science Applications International Corporation, and was responsible for writing competitive contract proposals worth as much as $450 million. Her Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Johns Hopkins University and role in Leidos/SAIC, which specializes in technology, engineering, and science, makes her skills perfectly suited to Ocean Conservancy’s needs.

Alexandra brings to Ocean Conservancy her thorough experience interacting with foundations and an unmatched knowledge in public policy organizations. She spent 9 years within Human Rights Watch, most recently serving as Associate Director of the Foundations and Program Liaison Office. In this capacity she was responsible for raising nearly half of Human Rights Watch’s $80 million operating budget. Her Masters degree in  Cultural Anthropology with a concentration in global relations will no doubt be invaluable, as the security of the world’s oceans require a global solution.

As Ocean Conservancy Senior Portfolio Managers, Jean and Alexandra’s knowledge will be essential to the planet’s delicate ocean ecosystems. We wish both managers and Ocean Conservancy luck in such a noble mission.


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