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Congratulations to Carnegie Science’s Senior Manager of Individual Giving

DRi is pleased to announce the placement of Milan Karol as Carnegie Science’s Senior Manager of Individual Giving. Milan will play a key role in Carnegie’s new, robust fundraising program.

The Carnegie Institution for Science has been a staple of scientific research for over 100 years. First founded in 1902 with an endowment from Andrew Carnegie, researchers from the entire spectrum of scientific fields have been allowed to independently carry out their work here, beholden to only discovery instead of outside donors. Andrew Carnegie’s sizable endowment has supported the work of the Institution since its establishment, but in the present day when scientific discovery knows no bounds, additional resources can produce unlimited gains for researchers. Under the direction of President Matthew Scott, Carnegie Science set about recruiting multiple candidates to create a dedicated development program in order to create a best-in-class fundraising team that is comparable to its world-class research teams. DRi has helped multiple non-profits build their development programs from the ground up, and was eager to find the right candidates that could do the same at Carnegie. It became clear that Milan would be more than capable of enticing donors with Carnegie’s groundbreaking research.

As Carnegie Science’s Senior Manager, Milan will be a key player in expanding the Institution’s research and work. His commitment to scientific endeavors was unquestionable; he had previously served as a development professional at the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins University. The rapport Milan built there with senior medical researchers and the insights he gained from seeing scientific progress first-hand was a clear indication that he would be able to translate the Carnegie Institution’s continued advances in scientific discovery into continuous support from donors.

DRi wishes Milan and Carnegie Science luck as they continue to produce unprecedented scientific discoveries for the benefit of all of humanity.

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