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Announcing AccessLex Institute’s Director of Programs for Diversity

DRwas pleased to identify Rachel Patterson as AccessLex Institute’s Director of Programs for Diversity. She will play a critical role in AccessLex’s mission of advancing accessible, affordable, and valuable legal education.

Founded in 1983 as the Law School Assured Access Program with a mission to provide financial access for students admitted to law schools, today AccessLex Institute has broadened its mission to foster widespread access to quality law schools.  AccessLex achieves this mission through research, policy analysis and advocacy, and direct services to students and schools. The heart of its efforts is the Center for Legal Education Excellence. Through the Center’s programs and services, AccessLex ensures students will be able to successfully apply, be admitted to, and complete their legal education programs. As the high-quality candidate pool for law programs becomes larger and larger, AccessLex is committed to ensuring that all motivated students from any background will have an equal opportunity to become the a part of the next generation of legal professionals. AccessLex Institute’s Director of Programs for Diversity would be the leader in testing and implementing bold new initiatives that increase the diversity of law students.

DRiWaterstone identified Rachel’s knowledge as essential to AccessLex. She gained firsthand experience in Law School admissions by serving as the Assistant Director of Admissions for Georgetown Law. In a short time, she assisted in the review and rendering of decisions for over 10,000 applications. Prior to this, Rachel served as a Program Director for the Law and Leadership Institute, LLC, where she identified and implemented initiatives that prepared high school students for post-secondary and professional success. She also spearheaded diversity pipeline research while serving as the Assistant Director of the Association of American Law Schools. Her experience in student support, program development, and diversity research would all be critical for AccessLex and its Programs for Diversity.

Rachel received her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, her Master of Science in Teaching from Pace University, and her J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.

We wish Rachel and AccessLex much success in their groundbreaking student support.

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