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Congratulations to AAUW Planned Giving Director Heather Miller

DR was pleased to work with the American Association of University Women to identify Heather Miller as the next AAUW Planned Giving Director.

DRhas worked with AAUW many times to enhance their fundraising capacity, and worked together earlier this year on a leadership transition that focused on expanding AAUW’s non-partisan member engagement and advocacy in an increasingly polarized and inequitable socio-economic environment. DRsuccessfully recruited  Kim Churches as the next CEO of AAUW.

A grassroots organization with members in every Congressional district in the U.S., AAUW enjoys a deeply embedded and far-reaching strength that can marshal resources at the local, regional, and national levels to build solutions around women’s most pressing needs. As the next AAUW Planned Giving Director, Heather will play a large role in recruiting these local sources of support.

Conducting over 1,200 Congressional visits in 2015 alone, and continuously publishing award-winning research in critical gender issues, support from its members is critical for AAUW. Many of AAUW’s over 170,000 members are life-long supporters of the association and have been at the forefront of fights for gender equality. The planned giving program, utilizing committed and enthusiastic members, contributes $1M annually to the development team’s overall revenue.

Heather previously served with the American Farmland Trust for 12 years, most recently serving as a Senior Stewardship Officer. In this capacity, Heather was responsible for the Farmland Forever legacy giving program, and was intimately familiar with passionate members and legacy giving. Her experience working with bequests, charitable gift annuities,  and charitable remainder trusts at AFT would be essential for AAUW. She previously served as a development officer at the University of Virginia for 7 years, and was well-versed in academic affairs. Heather received her B.A. in French Languages and Literature from the Virginia Commonwealth University.

DRwas pleased to work with AAUW again and wishes Heather luck in her new role in the organization.

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