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Introducing Louise Bertini as the Next ARCE Director for Egypt

Reaching around the globe, DRworked with the American Research Center in Egypt to find Louise Bertini as the next ARCE Director for Egypt.

returning client, DRrecently worked with The American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) to find their current Executive Director and Director of DevelopmentARCE was formed in 1948 by a consortium of American educational and cultural institutions to assist American scholars conducting research in Egypt. Since 1993, it has expanded its role and worked in close collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development and Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities to conserve dozens of monuments and train hundreds of local archaeologists and architectural conservators. During Egypt’s civil unrest, ARCE provided much-needed conservation equipment after the Institute d’Egypte was burned. Besides conserving vital cultural sites, ARCE strengthens Egyptian-American relations through close collaboration between scholars and conservationists. Though its work and partnerships, ARCE is committed to preserving an irreplaceable birthplace of human civilization.

As part of its rapidly expanding impact, ARCE was in need of a full-time, regionally based Director for Egypt. The ARCE Director would not only have to be an expert on all things relating to Egyptian archaeology, but also be a confident and capable representative for ARCE’s extensive activities. Among many qualified experts, Louise’s expertise stood out. Holding a Ph.D. in Egyptian Archeology, Louise served as a Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo and has participated in over 20 archaeological digs, the majority being in Egypt. An ARCE member since 2003 and residing in Egypt for the last decade, Louise has worked with partners ranging from the State Department to PBS. Her experience as a spokesperson and recruiting partners will be essential for ARCE’s operations in Egypt.

It was a pleasure to work with ARCE once again and we wish Louise luck in her new role.

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DRwas pleased to work with the White House Historical Association, a returning client, and identify Lucy Crowley as its new Director of Marketing. At WHHA, Lucy will play a key role in enhancing the understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the White House and its history.

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy founded the White House Historical Association in 1961 to help the White House collect and exhibit the very best artifacts of American history and culture. WHHA was charged with funding the maintenance and refurbishment of the public rooms of the White House and serving as the steward of the White House’s fine and decorative arts, including both historic objects associated with the building and Presidency and significant works by various American and European artists and craftsmen. Today, WHHA’s acquisition, preservation, research, and education efforts continue through generous private donations and the sale of books, products, and the official White House Ornament.

Taking responsibility for promoting the Association’s wide range of cultural and educational programs, as well as retail items, the Director of Marketing ensures a consistent and compelling identity in all forms of external outreach. Lucy’s prior experience in compelling messaging will prove to be essential for WHHA. She previously served as the Marketing and Publications Specialist for American University’s Katzen Arts Center. In this role, she saw all marketing initiatives for 6 to 8 concurrent, rotating exhibits. During Lucy’s tenure, museum attendance has nearly doubled and the museum received over 130 press mentions in 2016 alone.  Additionally, she served as a Communications Manager for the American Beverage Association, where she oversaw internal and external communications and messaging. Lucy received her M.A. in Arts Management and her B.A. in Art History from American University.

We were happy to have worked with the White House Historical Association again and wish Lucy success in her new position.

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DRrecently partnered with The Guardian to identify Emily Cozart as the inaugural Director of Philanthropy for

The Guardian has a 200-year commitment to exceptional reporting and investigative journalism. Its award-winning original coverage, from national security phone hacking to the Panama Papers, has consistently fought to hold power accountable and to make the world a better, fairer place. Based in the U.K., the Guardian began operating in the U.S. in 2011, bringing high-quality independent journalism and a global perspective to the most pressing challenges facing the country.

Adapting to numerous changes in the media landscape throughout its 200-year, its most recent initiative is, a new 501(c)3 nonprofit that will be dedicated to making philanthropic partnerships a reliable form of support for independent commercial journalism. Pursuing donors who recognize and appreciate the importance of preserving independent press that cutting-edge investigative reporting relies on, The Guardian seeks to provide a new funding model for all media organizations interested in advancing the public good. Additionally, the philanthropic partnerships The Guardian pursues ensures that all of its content is easily accessible, not behind a paywall, and available to all that are interested in the most pressing current events.

As a new enterprise, the Director of Philanthropy would have to be bold, enterprising, and effective. DRand The Guardian quickly realized that Emily could be trusted with such responsibilities. Serving in a variety of development roles within Mother Jones, Emily possessed a proven ability to connect donors with editorial priorities. Before moving into development, she served as the Executive Director and Co-founder of WEdia, a start-up nonprofit that connected volunteer filmmakers and journalists with nonprofits around the world in order to spread visibility and awareness for critical issues. Emily received her J.D. from the Vermont Law School and her B.A. from the College of Charleston.

DRwas pleased to work with Emily and the Guardian and is honored to have played a part in their cutting-edge journalistic endeavors.

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DRis pleased to announce the placement of Sara Berman as AccessLex Institute’s Director of Academic Success and Bar Passage Programs.

Founded in 1983 as the Law School Assured Access Program with a mission to provide financial access for students admitted to law schools, today AccessLex Institute has broadened its mission to foster widespread access to quality law schools.  AccessLex achieves this mission through research, policy analysis and advocacy, and direct services to students and schools. The heart of its efforts is the Center for Legal Education Excellence. Through the Center’s programs and services, AccessLex ensures students will be able to successfully apply, be admitted to, and complete their legal education programs. As the high-quality candidate pool for law programs becomes larger and larger, AccessLex is committed to ensuring that all motivated students from any background will have an equal opportunity to become a part of the next generation of legal professionals. A returning client, DRrecently has identified AccessLex’s next Executive Director of the Center for Legal Education Excellence and Director of Programs for Diversity. The Director of Academic Success and Bar Passage Programs would play a key role in ensuring that all students are prepared for law school and beyond.

Sara’s expertise in legal education and success programs made her an ideal match for AccessLex. She previously served as the Director of Critical Skills, Academic Support & Bar Passage at the Shepard Broad College of Law at Nova Southeastern University. Sara has been engaged in legal education and success programs for 19 years, and additionally served as a legal advocate for 8 years. Her extensive working knowledge of the legal field will provide students with valuable insights into their post-education career. Sara received her J.D. from UCLA School of Law and her B.A. from UC Santa Barbara.

We wish Sara much success in supporting and educating the future legal professionals of the country.

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Robertson Foundation Executive

DRis pleased to announce the placement of Cynthia Robertson as the next Robertson Foundation Executive Director.

The Robertson Foundation for Government is committed to equipping our federal government with the best and brightest students in the country. In 1961, during the height of the Cold War, Charles and Marie Robertson took to heart President John F. Kennedy’s call to “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” They donated 700,000 shares of A&P stock, valued at $35 million, to create a foundation to “strengthen the Government of the United States and increase its ability and determination to defend and extend freedom throughout the world by improving the facilities for the training and education of men and women for government service.” Today, the Foundation identifies, educates, and motivates top U.S. graduate students and helps them pursue federal government careers in foreign policy, national security and international affairs.

Partnering with multiple federal agencies for student professional development, networking events, and job and internship assistance, the Robertson Foundation Executive Director would have to manage an intricate web of connections across the nation’s capital. More importantly, they would have to have intimate knowledge of the intricacies of the federal hiring process and act as a key bridge between students and the federal government.

Such a role is no small responsibility, and it was clear to DRand the Robertson Foundation that Cynthia was up to the challenge. For over 12 years, Cynthia headed the Science and Technology Policy Fellowships program for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, where she took a lead role in placing top-talent individuals within the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the federal government, including the Department of Defense, State, and USAID. She interacted heavily with federal agencies during fellows’ onboarding process, and led initiatives for fellows’ professional development. Additionally, she was familiar with the operation of family foundations through her service as the Board Chair for the Robert & Patricia Switzer Foundation.  Cynthia’s knowledge of federal recruitment and students’ needs made her the ideal choice for Robertson’s next Executive Director. Cynthia received her Bachelor’s degree from Boston University and her Master’s from Tufts University.

It was a pleasure to work with Robertson and Cynthia and we wish them both success.

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Coast Guard Foundation

DRwas pleased to work with the Coast Guard Foundation to find Ron Labrec as its next Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of Philanthropy. A 28-year veteran of the Coast Guard, Ron proved to be the perfect advocate for the Foundation.

The Coast Guard Foundation provides essential services to all members of the Coast Guard, including moral and wellness equipment for active-duty personnel, scholarships to Coast Guard families, and bereavement relief for families who have lost loved ones in service. In 2016 alone, the Foundation provided nearly $700,000  in morale and readiness support to Coast Guard members stationed around the world, as well as 168 individual scholarships in 2017.

DRpreviously identified (insert link) the Foundation’s California-based Regional Director of Philanthropy. With over 24,000 active donors providing $7 million in annual revenue, it is clear that many felt the need to repay the debt to our service members. The Foundation’s support has proved invaluable to Coast Guard members, and the generosity of donors would need to be further utilized in order to ensure that every member and family is fully provided for.

As someone with first hand knowledge of the priorities and needs of Coast Guard members and cadets, Ron brings an invaluable perspective to donors. He most recently was the Assistant Superintendent for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, where he oversaw the daily operations of the 1500-person campus. Throughout his nearly 3-decades of service, he served in a variety of public affairs roles, and routinely spoke on behalf of senior officials. His experience in high-profile communications would suit him well in donor engagement, where he will be responsible for motivating and growing a major donor network throughout the East Coast. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from the U.S. Coast Academy, Ron additionally earned his Master’s of Science in Public Relations from Boston University, and completed an International Affairs and International Security seminar from MIT.

DRcongratulates Ron and the Foundation and wishes them luck in their work providing for our nation’s bravest.

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DRis happy to announce the placement of Adrienne Gude as the next Major Gifts Director for Capital Caring. Adrienne will play a key role in ensuring that thousands of individuals in the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. receive the comprehensive care they need.

Founded in 1977, Capital Caring has helped more than 110,000 families deal with advanced illness. A leader in hospice services and palliative care, patients have also trusted Capital Caring with developing customized care plans and counseling for patients and families affected by illness.

The development department at Capital Caring is led by DRalumnus Jeff Kost. Generating more than 8% of Capital Caring’s $94 annual budget, the generosity of donors ensures Capital Caring’s ability to provide services without regard to patient’s ability to pay. Jeff is currently leading a feasibility study to conduct a comprehensive capital campaign. The next Major Gifts Director at Capital Caring would be required to actively pursue major donors who recognize and appreciate the value and quality of Capital Caring’s work to support this campaign.

Adrienne Gude possessed extensive experience in fundraising for healthcare organizations. She previously served as the Major Gifts Manager for the Suburban Hospital Foundation, where she increased her annual giving goal four-folds in just two years. Soliciting individuals, foundations, and corporations, her wide range of specialty would be essential for growing Capital Caring’s donor pipeline. Adrienne was previously a Grants and Research Officer at the Sibley Memorial Hospital Foundation, where she also expanded individual, foundation, and corporate giving pipelines by aligning their interests with the hospital. Her comfort in securing large gifts, as well as her demonstrated ability to build on successes, made her the ideal candidate for Capital Caring for its future pursuits. A Maryland native, she received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, College Park and knows Capital Caring’s service area well.

DRwishes Adrienne, Jeff, and Capital Caring luck in their future work providing critical care to those in need.


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