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Congratulations to Adrienne Gude and Capital Caring

DRis happy to announce the placement of Adrienne Gude as the next Major Gifts Director for Capital Caring. Adrienne will play a key role in ensuring that thousands of individuals in the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. receive the comprehensive care they need.

Founded in 1977, Capital Caring has helped more than 110,000 families deal with advanced illness. A leader in hospice services and palliative care, patients have also trusted Capital Caring with developing customized care plans and counseling for patients and families affected by illness.

The development department at Capital Caring is led by DRalumnus Jeff Kost. Generating more than 8% of Capital Caring’s $94 annual budget, the generosity of donors ensures Capital Caring’s ability to provide services without regard to patient’s ability to pay. Jeff is currently leading a feasibility study to conduct a comprehensive capital campaign. The next Major Gifts Director at Capital Caring would be required to actively pursue major donors who recognize and appreciate the value and quality of Capital Caring’s work to support this campaign.

Adrienne Gude possessed extensive experience in fundraising for healthcare organizations. She previously served as the Major Gifts Manager for the Suburban Hospital Foundation, where she increased her annual giving goal four-folds in just two years. Soliciting individuals, foundations, and corporations, her wide range of specialty would be essential for growing Capital Caring’s donor pipeline. Adrienne was previously a Grants and Research Officer at the Sibley Memorial Hospital Foundation, where she also expanded individual, foundation, and corporate giving pipelines by aligning their interests with the hospital. Her comfort in securing large gifts, as well as her demonstrated ability to build on successes, made her the ideal candidate for Capital Caring for its future pursuits. A Maryland native, she received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, College Park and knows Capital Caring’s service area well.

DRwishes Adrienne, Jeff, and Capital Caring luck in their future work providing critical care to those in need.


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