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Congratulations to Lucy Crowley and WHHA


DRwas pleased to work with the White House Historical Association, a returning client, and identify Lucy Crowley as its new Director of Marketing. At WHHA, Lucy will play a key role in enhancing the understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of the White House and its history.

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy founded the White House Historical Association in 1961 to help the White House collect and exhibit the very best artifacts of American history and culture. WHHA was charged with funding the maintenance and refurbishment of the public rooms of the White House and serving as the steward of the White House’s fine and decorative arts, including both historic objects associated with the building and Presidency and significant works by various American and European artists and craftsmen. Today, WHHA’s acquisition, preservation, research, and education efforts continue through generous private donations and the sale of books, products, and the official White House Ornament.

Taking responsibility for promoting the Association’s wide range of cultural and educational programs, as well as retail items, the Director of Marketing ensures a consistent and compelling identity in all forms of external outreach. Lucy’s prior experience in compelling messaging will prove to be essential for WHHA. She previously served as the Marketing and Publications Specialist for American University’s Katzen Arts Center. In this role, she saw all marketing initiatives for 6 to 8 concurrent, rotating exhibits. During Lucy’s tenure, museum attendance has nearly doubled and the museum received over 130 press mentions in 2016 alone.  Additionally, she served as a Communications Manager for the American Beverage Association, where she oversaw internal and external communications and messaging. Lucy received her M.A. in Arts Management and her B.A. in Art History from American University.

We were happy to have worked with the White House Historical Association again and wish Lucy success in her new position.

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