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Congratulations to Ron Labrec and the Coast Guard Foundation

Coast Guard Foundation

DRwas pleased to work with the Coast Guard Foundation to find Ron Labrec as its next Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of Philanthropy. A 28-year veteran of the Coast Guard, Ron proved to be the perfect advocate for the Foundation.

The Coast Guard Foundation provides essential services to all members of the Coast Guard, including moral and wellness equipment for active-duty personnel, scholarships to Coast Guard families, and bereavement relief for families who have lost loved ones in service. In 2016 alone, the Foundation provided nearly $700,000  in morale and readiness support to Coast Guard members stationed around the world, as well as 168 individual scholarships in 2017.

DRpreviously identified (insert link) the Foundation’s California-based Regional Director of Philanthropy. With over 24,000 active donors providing $7 million in annual revenue, it is clear that many felt the need to repay the debt to our service members. The Foundation’s support has proved invaluable to Coast Guard members, and the generosity of donors would need to be further utilized in order to ensure that every member and family is fully provided for.

As someone with first hand knowledge of the priorities and needs of Coast Guard members and cadets, Ron brings an invaluable perspective to donors. He most recently was the Assistant Superintendent for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, where he oversaw the daily operations of the 1500-person campus. Throughout his nearly 3-decades of service, he served in a variety of public affairs roles, and routinely spoke on behalf of senior officials. His experience in high-profile communications would suit him well in donor engagement, where he will be responsible for motivating and growing a major donor network throughout the East Coast. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from the U.S. Coast Academy, Ron additionally earned his Master’s of Science in Public Relations from Boston University, and completed an International Affairs and International Security seminar from MIT.

DRcongratulates Ron and the Foundation and wishes them luck in their work providing for our nation’s bravest.

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