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Congratulations to Kendra Davenport and Operation Smile

For 35 years, Operation Smile has built an end-to-end set of medical interventions that has delivered free surgeries to more than 240,000 children in 80 countries and strengthened ongoing medical care in their communities. Operation Smile has won more than a dozen national and international awards, including the first Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize.

To advance its ambitious agenda, Operation Smile recently worked with DRiWaterstone to identify a new Chief Development Officer to be the chief strategist and leader for a comprehensive, integrated fundraising program that includes mass market direct response programs, major gifts, corporate and foundation relations, strategic partnerships, and special events.

Today we congratulate Kendra Davenport for becoming this CDO. Kendra has 20 years of experience leading development programs, including 5 years as a C-suite executive. In her most recent role, Kendra led a 9-person staff and doubled funding to more than $8M at the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation as the CEO. She has personally raised 30% of the $20M unrestricted goal at Project HOPE. She has also previously led a development team of 12 people to raise $48M overall at Africare, while also managing operations and programs teams, which makes her the perfect candidate for Operation Smile.

DRiWaterstone wishes Operation Smile and Kendra Davenport success in their work together.


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