Forbes Names DRi One of the Best Executive Search Firms in the U.S. for 6th Consecutive Year

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Development Resources inc. (DRi) Again Recognized as Best Executive Search Firm

Development Resources inc. (DRi) has again been named to Forbes Magazine’s list of best executive search firms in the United States.

Forbes, one of the nation’s most prominent business journals, develops the list of 250 best executive search firms from a pool of more than 4,000 firms working in the U.S. today.

“Our appearance on the list reflects our dedication to our clients and our skill at building their capacity. Our goal is to help non-profits grow, thrive, and excel, and the best way to do that is to recruit world-class people to lead their critically important organizations,” said DRiWaterstone’s co-founders Jennifer Dunlap and Nancy Racette. “This recognition is significant because it is based on the recommendations of the non-profit clients who trust us to build, train, and coach their teams. It’s a testament to the coordinated suite of leadership development services that we offer to the sector.”

Forbes noted in its announcement that “seventy-six percent of hiring managers admit that attracting top talent is their greatest challenge.” The stakes of this challenge in the non-profit sector—where DRiWaterstone specializes—are incredibly high.

DRiWaterstone was ranked in Forbes’ “Executive Recruiter” category, encompassing firms that conduct high-level searches for Executive Directors, C-suite executives and Vice Presidents, and Director-level staff.

DRiWaterstone recruits senior leaders across all sectors and all levels, including Board members, CEO, C- Suite, and all staff functions from fundraising to programs. A complete list of DRiWaterstone’s clients is available at

“We’re so proud of our team’s work and thrilled that the impact of DRiWaterstone’s approach and our contributions have been nationally recognized again this year,” said Jennifer and Nancy.

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