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DRi Announces James Madison’s Montpelier’s Chief Advancement Officer

Doug Trout, James Madison's Montpelier's Chief Advancement OfficerDevelopment Resources Inc. (DRiWaterstone) is excited to announce the placement of Doug Trout as James Madison’s Montpelier‘s Chief Advancement Officer.

DRiWaterstone worked with Montpelier’s Executive Director Kat Imhoff to design a search for a world-class fundraising leader who would capitalize on recent innovations and launch it over the threshold of great fundraising success. The search we designed positioned the advancement department to support Imhoff’s ambitious vision of Montpelier as a leader in research on the Early Republic. Working closely with Imhoff, we recruited candidates who would be exceptionally supportive leaders to the Montpelier advancement team and exceptional representatives to its high-level donors. DRiWaterstone engaged the most significant of those donors during the search to lay the groundwork for the new fundraising leader’s success.

In 2018, Doug Trout will become that leader, serving as Montpelier’s Chief Advancement Officer. Trout has spent 20 years building relationships with major donors in the Virginia philanthropic community. For the last 12 years, he served as the chief executive of two foundations supporting UVA programs in government and politics, including the Miller Center Foundation, where he united the Board and five-person staff to increase annual revenue to $4M and to begin a $75M campaign, and the Jefferson Scholars Foundation, where for four consecutive years he led a two-person team to raise more money for graduate fellowships than any other UVA unit. In addition to his fundraising accomplishments, Doug brings to  Montpelier a record of significant collaboration with academic researchers, including the creation of the peer-reviewed Jefferson Journal for Science and Culture.

We extend our enthusiastic congratulations to James Madison’s Montpelier and Montpelier’s Chief Advancement Officer Doug Trout. We look forward to their success together.

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