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DRi Announces Sitar Arts Center’s Senior Director of Development

Development Resources Inc. (DRiWaterstone) is delighted to announce the placement of Essence Newhoff as Sitar Arts Center‘s Senior Director of Development.

DRiWaterstone worked with Sitar Arts Center’s Executive Director Maureen Dwyer to align its fundraising leadership with the Center’s new strategic plan. In close partnership with Dwyer, we engaged Board members and major donors at Sitar to design a search for a new Senior Director of Development, who would be charged with expanding the fundraising program to match a planned expansion of the Center’s geographic reach and the connection of more D.C. families with educational resources in the midst of rapid gentrification. We guided a diverse range of Board members and candidates through a careful search process that sought to identify fundraisers who could build community ties with new major donors.

We are proud to have recruited Essence Newhoff to become a partner to Dwyer and the Center’s Board.  Newhoff most recently served as a partner to the CEO of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), where she helped to carve out and institutionalize a critical COO role. In addition to this high-level experience, Newhoff brings a deep background in D.C. arts communities to Sitar. She previously worked at the Folger Shakespeare Library for 11 years, where she worked collaborated with an academic director to lead a transformational shift to a major donor program, grow the annual fund, and build systems and staff for long-term success.

We extend enthusiastic congratulations to the Sitar Arts Center and to Essence Newhoff. We look forward to the success they achieve together.

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