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DRi Announces Relief International Placed Candidate

Development Resources Inc. (DRiWaterstone) is delighted to announce the placement of Courtney Lobel as Senior Director of Development and Communications at Relief International.

DRiWaterstone worked with Relief International CEO Nancy Wilson to design a new leadership position that Lobel will be the first person to hold. In partnership with Wilson and with the communications staff at Relief International, we created a position that will be the first to drive a strategic vision for integrated development and communications at Relief International. The position we created capitalizes on the communications team’s early digital fundraising successes to prioritize a joint expansion of public relations and the creation of the organization’s first unrestricted revenue plan.

In June 2018, Courtney Lobel will become the leader of this comprehensive program, bringing more than 13 years of experience building and leading ambitious international fundraising programs to the Relief International team. In her most recent role, Lobal transformed the development team at the International Crisis Group, turning it into a best-in-class program raising more than $5M annually and gaining attention from major media venues such as Foreign Affairs Magazine. Lobel previously led Foundation Relations at the Council on Foreign Relations, where she secured foundational investments for initiatives that are now central to the organization’s work. A former Peace Corps officer, Lobel will also be an important bridge between communications, development, and field staff at Relief International.

We extend enthusiastic congratulations to Relief International and Courtney Lobel. We look forward to the success they achieve together.

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