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DRi Announces Human Rights Campaign Placed Candidate

Development Resources Inc. (DRiWaterstone) is delighted to announce the completion of our search for the Human Rights Campaign’s new Director of Estate Planning.

DRiWaterstone is the first firm to lead an executive search for development staff at the Human Rights Campaign. We worked closely with HRC’s chief development officer to integrate the new team member into the staff structure in a way that would foster collaboration and facilitate the organization’s growth goals. Our search team built a roster of candidates who were equally adept at planned giving, productive in fast-paced environments, and fully committed to LGBTQ rights.

Today we congratulate Jade Bristol Verity on joining HRC as its first Director of Estate Planning. Jade spent five years as an estate and trust attorney before moving into the non-profit sector as the founder of the award-winning KidzCare USA. In her first full-time fundraising role, Jade subsequently transformed a one-person shop into a $5M national planned giving program at the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

We extend our enthusiastic congratulations to Jade and the Human Rights Campaign. We look forward to your success together.

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