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DRi Announces MAG America Placed Candidate

Development Resources Inc. (DRiWaterstone) is delighted to announce our placement of Kathryn Duval as MAG America’s Director of Development.

DRiWaterstone worked with MAG America, the U.S. partner organization to the U.K.-based Mines Advisory Group, one of the most significant landmine-clearing organizations in the world. After engaging staff at all levels of the small and tight-knit organization, from the Executive Director to the Development Intern, we designed a search for a fundraiser who could build the first comprehensive individual giving program in the U.S. Within 11 weeks, MAG America’s hire was complete.

Kathryn Duval joined MAG America as Director of Development this summer. Kathryn comes to MAG America with a dual background in fundraising and donor-facing communications. She previously spent four years at the start-up 50CAN, where she worked on a small team to build a comprehensive $4M fundraising program for a grassroots education policy organization. She previously worked on a comprehensive individual giving program at the Chicago Architecture foundation, where she helped double annual revenue.

We extend our enthusiastic congratulations to Kathryn and MAG America. We look forward to their success together.

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