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DRi Announces Ocean Conservancy

Development Resources Inc. (DRiWaterstone) is delighted to announce the completion of our most recent search for Ocean Conservancy.

DRiWaterstone worked with Ocean Conservancy to continue a build-out of its fundraising team as government grants have become a less reliable source of program funding. After placing several development staff in 2017, we designed and led a search for a Senior Portfolio Manager of Foundation Grants. We identified and recruited candidates who could work with leaders, scientists, and fundraising colleagues to manage foundation relationships and an ambitious grant calendar.

Today we congratulate Melissa Kaminski for moving into this role. Melissa comes to Ocean Conservancy with experience on both sides of the grant-making process. She most recently managed foundation relations at the international conservation organization Rare after supporting grant-making for environmental programs at the Walton Family Foundation. With additional experience in science education programs, Melissa is well-prepared to secure investments in research and technical programs that protect the earth’s oceans and all the ways in which people depend on them.

We extend our enthusiastic congratulations to Melissa and Ocean Conservancy. We look forward to their success together.


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