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DRi Announces Southern Poverty Law Center

DRiWaterstone is excited to announce the completion of our search for a Chief Development Officer at the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the most prominent American organizations fighting hate and bigotry.


DRiWaterstone worked with SPLC to recruit a leader for a talented and passionate development team already executing a $100M development operation. We engaged all levels of SPLC’s staff—from President Richard Cohen to Director of Human Resources Whitney Herrington to the development department’s leadership team—in order to design a search for a Chief Development Officer with the vision, resources, and mentorship skills necessary to build on the department’s historic strengths and lead its continued innovation.


Today we announce that Ed Lord will serve as the next Chief Development Officer of SPLC. Ed most recently was Chief Strategy Officer at Global Cloud, a consulting firm helping non-profits build modern fundraising programs based on social fundraising and cause marketing campaigns. Ed previously had an accomplished career at the American Cancer Society, where he held multiple leadership roles at the national, division, and state levels. Ed served as Vice President for Business Strategy for the organization’s national headquarters, as Senior Vice President for Business Development for a seven-state region in the South Atlantic, and as President of the Virginia/West Virginia office, among other roles.


We congratulate Ed and SPLC—we look forward to seeing their success together.

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