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DRi Announces International Women’s Forum

DRiWaterstone is pleased to announce the completion of our search for a Development Manager for the International Women’s Forum.

DRiWaterstone worked with the CEO of the International Women’s Forum to create a new Development Manager position to support the expansion of women’s leadership programs around the globe. The invitation-only membership organization, composed of more than 6,800 women from 33 nations on six continents, sought a polished donor relations professional who could work with high-level women leaders in the public and private sectors and help them connect some of the world’s most prominent organizations to women leaders and the issues that they care about.

Today we congratulate Rachel Yost on becoming the International Women’s Forum’s Development Manager. Rachel has worked with senior leaders and Board members at a wide variety of non-profit organizations, including Partnership for a Healthier America, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Martha’s Table, and NPower. In her most recent role at Partnership for a Healthier America, Rachel managed a comprehensive development program, including a portfolio of individual donors, sponsorship outreach, and special events. She is well positioned to engage the high-level stakeholders at the International Women’s Forum and to help them come together to help them make a difference for each other.

We congratulate Rachel and the International Women’s Forum —we look forward to seeing their success together.

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