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DRi Announces Women for Women International Placement

DRiWaterstone is excited to announce the completion of Women for Women International, an organization that helps women create sustainable change for herself, her family, and her community.

DRiWaterstone worked with Women for Women International to recruit a leader to deliver outstanding messaging that would enable the growth of the organization and the hundreds of thousands of women it serves. We partnered with WfWI’s CEO, Laurie Adams, to design a search for a VP of Marketing, Development, and Communications with the vision, drive, and decisiveness to unify staff growing in all of these functions.

Today we announce that Mary O’Connor will serve as WfWI’s next VP of Marketing, Development, and Communications. Mary most recently was Vice President of Development & Partnership at Rails to Trails Conservancy, an advocacy group serving as the national voice for creating a more walkable and bikeable community.  Mary previously had an accomplished career at Rails-to-Trails, as VP of Development and Communications, where she restructured outreach efforts to integrate national communications with on-the-ground programs and steered an organizational transition to digital outreach and fundraising.


We congratulate both Mary and Women for Women International—we look forward to seeing their success together.

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