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DRi Announces Multiple Placements at Reading Is Fundamental

DRiWaterstone is delighted to announce the placement of Bryan Klopack as Vice President of Development and Laura Rahman as Director of Annual Giving at Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), the largest non-profit children’s literacy organization in the United States.

Klopack’s and Rahman’s placements are the culmination of a multi-faceted partnership between DRiWaterstone and Reading is Fundamental. DRiWaterstone worked with RIF to recruit a Vice President of Development to create philanthropic strategies that generate a diverse and sustainable revenue stream for RIF’s mission. We then worked with the leadership team and new VP to continue building the team with an annual giving expert responsible for building the individual donor pipeline.

RIF’s new Vice President of Development, Bryan Klopack, brings more than two decades of experience directing philanthropic programs and business development. Klopack previously led the corporate relationships program at Special Olympics International, where he created a comprehensive outreach program that led to a 10-fold increase in annual revenue.

Laura Rahman, RIF’s new Director of Annual Giving, most recently served as Director of Individual Philanthropy at The Arc of the United States. Rahman was responsible for increasing individual support through direct mail, online giving, major gifts, planned gifts, and national events. Rahman’s efforts helped increase overall individual fundraising by 500%.

We extend our enthusiastic congratulations to Reading is Fundamental and to Bryan and Laura. We look forward to seeing the success they achieve together.

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