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DRi Announces CEO Placement at Paterson Habitat for Humanity

DRiWaterstone is delighted to announce the placement of a new Chief Executive Officer at Paterson Habitat for Humanity, one of the most diverse affiliates of the international housing organization.

DRiWaterstone Principal & COO Nancy Racette worked closely with Paterson Habitat’s Board of Directors to recruit a chief executive who could make the local affiliate the home of new business models that meet a new era of challenges in affordable and sustainable housing. The search positioned Paterson Habitat to work with the recently-elected Mayor of Paterson, Andre Sayegh, to broaden local partnerships between the public, non-profit, and for-profit sectors as they jointly seek to create housing that anchors healthy communities.

Today we recognize Scott Millard for becoming Paterson Habitat for Humanity’s new Chief Executive Officer. Scott has more than two decades of experience leading non- and for-profit organizations in New Jersey. He most recently served as Managing Director of Three C Solutions, a NJ-based consulting company he founded for non-profit organizations. He previously founded and served as President of Connor’s House, a non-profit that supported families of children receiving medical care, and as both Lead Pastor and Program Director for the Bethlehem Evangelical Free Church of Randolph.

Congratulations to Scott and Paterson Habitat for Humanity — we look forward to seeing their success together!


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