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Congratulations to Kimberly Kleman for Becoming National Director at Report for America

DRiWaterstone is pleased to announce the placement of the National Director at Report for America, an organization striving to build a new approach to reinvigorating journalism, especially at the local level.

DRiWaterstone partnered with Report for America to design a search for a talented National Director to oversee its critically important program of finding, training, and placing corps reporters at local news agencies across the country. With strong leadership already in place in the form of the organization’s founders, as well as substantial new funding that has allowed a dramatic increase in the number of corps reporters that can be deployed, this search generated a lot of interest and top talent in the field.

Today we congratulate Kimberly Kleman on becoming the new National Director at Report for America. For 16 years, Kimberly was an editor at Consumer Reports magazine, spending 2007 to 2013 as Editor-in-Chief. She then went on to serve as Editor-in-Chief at The American Lawyer for three years. Kimberly will bring her decades of experience to Report for America, leading the organization as it continues to grow.

Congratulations to Kimberly and Report for America – we are excited to see what Kimberly’s leadership will bring to the organization!

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