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DRI Announces National Veterans Legal Services Program Placements

DRiWaterstone is pleased to announce the placement of the Deputy Executive Director and Development Officer at the National Veterans Legal Services Program, a program for millions of veterans and active duty personnel who may need to fight to receive disability benefits to which they are entitled.

These placements were part of a multifaceted search partnership between DRiWaterstone and the National Veterans Legal Services Program. DRiWaterstone worked closely with the Executive Director of NVLSP to find its first Deputy Executive Director to serve as second-in-command of the organization, working on a six-person Executive Leadership team and overseeing operations for a 36-person staff responsible for development, finance, litigation, pro-bono legal work, and training publications. We also collaborated with NVLSP’s development leaders to build a fundraising team responsible for raising $1-2M annually. The Development Officer will help create development systems and play a direct role in donor relations to support NVLSP’s continued growth.

NVLSP’s new Deputy Executive Director, Paul Wright, was awarded the Army Achievement medal for outstanding performance in immigration law and legal assistance. In addition to serving as a lawyer in the armed services, Paul has over 20 years of professional experience in development and finance. In past roles, Paul led acquisitions that redesigned and expanded business at IMPAQ International and acted as interim CEO, CFO, and Board Member at Berkley Policy Associates.

Danielle Graham, NVLSP’s new Development Officer, brings several years of development experience in military and veterans’ organizations. During her tenure as Donor Development Officer at the Marine Corps Association & Foundation, Danielle worked to coordinate fundraising campaigns, create cultivation events, conduct database analyses, and organize donor-facing communications.

NVLSP is excited to add both of these new roles to their team. We extend our enthusiastic congratulations to NVLSP and to Paul and Danielle. We look forward to seeing the success they achieve together.

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