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Announcing the new Director of Human Resources for Community Change

DRi is pleased to announce the completion of our search for a Director of Human Resources at Community Change, an organization that is dedicated to building the power and capacity of low-income people.

DRi’s Managing Director Sherry Ettleson partnered with Community Change President Dorian Warren to identify a Director to manage nationwide employee relations for a staff of more than 80 professionals. The HR Director would join Community Change at a key moment of transition, with responsibility for ensuring that employee needs would be met and all employee voices would be heard as the organization began a large and complex transformation.

We are excited that Kim Huckabone has accepted this role at Community Change. Kim has been serving as Interim HR Director and is thrilled to join the organization full time. Kim was previously HR Director for the Council for a Strong America, Human Resources Director for the Mid-Atlantic Region at Phoenix House, and Executive HR Director at America’s Promise Alliance. She has had an extensive career in HR, with responsibility for developing staffing strategy and fostering a customer service orientation that fully supports staff members. In addition to her considerable HR experience, Kim has additional experience overseeing finance and administration.

We congratulate Kim and Community Change—we look forward to seeing their success together.

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