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DRI Announces Chief Finance and Administrative Officer at National Skills Coalition

DRiWaterstone is delighted to announce the placement of a Chief Finance and Administrative Officer at the National Skills Coalition.

The National Skills Coalition is a broad-based network of leaders who want America to grow its economy by investing in people, so that every worker and every industry has the skills to compete and prosper.

DRiWaterstone’s Managing Director Sherry Ettleson worked with the Coalition’s Chief Executive Officer Andy Van Kleunen to support the organization’s rapid growth by identifying a Chief Finance and Administrative Officer who could develop systems to manage and sustain it. We sought a highly qualified pool of candidates to shape the organization’s strategic direction from an operational and financial perspective, helping to ensure National Skills Coalition’s fiscal stability and operational efficiency.

Today we congratulate Eboni Speight on becoming the Coalition’s Chief Finance and Administrative Officer and newest member of the senior leadership team. Eboni brings to the National Skills Coalition more than two decades of experience in non-profit advocacy organizations such as Public Knowledge, The Public Interest Network, and USAction. An expert in non-profit accounting, financial management, community organizing, and leadership, Eboni has a particularly strong background in finance and human resources and will provide strong operations leadership to leverage and sustain the National Skills Coalition’s growth.


Congratulations to Eboni and the National Skills Coalition– we look forward to seeing their success together!

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DRi is pleased to announce our placement of an Advancement Officer at Appalachian Voices, a grassroots non-profit working for economic and environmental justice for Central and Southern Appalachia and, ultimately, the United States.

DRi’s Senior Consultant Jeff Johnson assisted Appalachian Voices’ senior leaders as they sought to build on a record of intense growth, with a nearly 70% increase in size and a doubling of revenue. Jeff led the search for an Advancement Officer to coincide with the launch of Appalachian Voices’ new strategic plan, “Energy Democracy and Our Common Wealth"; the new positions is charged with building an individual giving program key to the plan’s success.

Today we congratulate Gaye LaCasce on becoming Appalachian Voices’ Advancement Officer. Gaye has nearly two decades of development experience in a variety of leadership positions, with a record of establishing a culture of philanthropy, building and training teams, and developing fundraising systems. Most recently, Gaye served as the Director of Development for Pensacola State College Foundation, where she established fundraising systems and built a major donor portfolio generating 6- and 7-figure gifts. Gaye was previously Senior Director of Development and Community Engagement at Valley Regional Healthcare, where she increased fundraising by 40%.

DRi congratulates Gaye and Appalachian Voices – we look forward to seeing their success together!

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