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Congratulations to Tycely Williams and America’s Promise Alliance

DRiWaterstone is pleased to announce the placement of a Vice President of Development at America’s Promise Alliance, an organization that builds multi-faceted coalitions devoted to creating the conditions for success for all young people, including millions currently being left behind.

DRiWaterstone partnered with America’s Promise Alliance as it entered its third decade, with a 10-year strategic plan focused on five core promises to young people: Caring Adults, Safe Places, a Healthy Start, an Effective Education, and Opportunities to Serve. America’s Promise Alliance sought a Vice President of Development to expand a comprehensive fundraising program that is critical to maximizing its leadership on these promises and its overall impact.

Today we recognize Tycely Williams on becoming the Vice President of Development at America’s Promise Alliance. Tycely brings a diverse range of leadership experience to this role. She has served as Vice President of Development for the YWCA USA and as Director of Development for two health and human service organizations; founded and led a consulting company and served as Executive Director of a non-profit organization created by a Fortune 500 company; and served as Artistic Director for two community-based dance studios.

Tycely’s entrepreneurialism and broad experience in the non- and for-profit sectors made her the right leader for America’s Promise Alliance, which brings non-profits, businesses, communities, educators, and individuals together behind the promise of helping every child succeed.

Congratulations to Tycely and America’s Promise Alliance—we look forward to seeing their success together!

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DRis excited to announce the completion of our search for a Vice President of Innovation at the American Nurses Association, a premier organization representing the interests of the nation's 4 million registered nurses and improving the quality of health care for all.

DRi's President & CEO Jennifer Dunlap worked with the ANA enterprise's Chief Operating Officer Gregory Dyson to to recruit a leader to advance the vision of a “healthy world through the power of nursing.” ANA sought an experienced healthcare executive and clinician to engage a nationwide network of nurses in the effort to develop innovative approaches to modern healthcare.

Today we recognize Oriana Beaudet as ANA's Vice President for Nursing Innovation. Oriana brings nearly two decades of wide-ranging experience in the healthcare sector to ANA. She most recently served as Vice President of Transformation at Array Advisors, as Affiliate Faculty in the School of Nursing at the University of Minnesota, and as Founder & Owner at Innovating Healthcare Improvement. Oriana has formally led business development with a focus on software and business solutions.

We congratulate both Oriana and the American Nurses Association—we look forward to seeing their success together.

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