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Announcing the New President at Voices for Progress

DRiWaterstone is excited to announce the placement of the next President of Voices for Progress, an organization that brings together prominent individuals to support the public good and counter the many wealthy entities who use their access to lobby for their narrow self-interest.

Sherry Ettleson, DRiWaterstone’s Managing Director, worked closely with the Board of Directors at Voices for Progress to identify a leader committed to leveraging its members’ credibility and influence to bring about the enactment of significant progressive policies. The President of Voices for Progress is charged with setting the strategic direction of the organization’s advocacy program, building collaborative relationships with the top leaders of other progressive institutions, and serving as Voices for Progress’ principal fundraiser and spokesperson.

Today we congratulate Sandra Fluke on accepting the role of President at Voices for Progress. Through a comprehensive national search, the Board identified Fluke—who had served in multiple roles at Voices for Progress over the previous four years—as the right person to step into the top position. Beyond her previous accomplishments as the organization’s National Membership & Development Director and as California State & Western Region Director, Sandra also had a successful record as a public interest attorney in private practice, as a pro bono attorney for the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking, and as a Board member of multiple CA-based organizations. With her accomplishments and networks in progressive public interest law, Sandra is well positioned to lead the Voices for Progress mission.

Congratulations to Sandra and Voices for Progress—we look forward to seeing their success together!

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