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New SVP at the American Case Management Association

DRiWaterstone is delighted to announce the placement of the Senior Vice President of the American Case Management Association, one of the country’s fastest-growing associations and a standard-bearer for case management professionals.

DRiWaterstone’s CEO Jennifer Dunlap partnered with ACMA’s Chief Executive Officer to identify a Senior Vice President to provide comprehensive leadership for all operations at the growing organization. The new SVP will sustain growth by increasing membership to over 10,000 care professionals, develop standardized resources for 32 local chapters, and expand ACMA’s development of innovative case management products beyond the hospital setting.

Today we are pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Van Norman as ACMA’s new Senior Vice President. Brian has extensive experience in providing value in membership organizations. He most recently served as Chief Membership Development Officer at Shriners International, where he designed a strategic plan that increased membership to 200,000 people, and as Director of Membership at the American Public Works Association, where he worked on both international and national engagement. Brian was also previously Executive Director of Children’s Miracle Network at the University of Kansas, where he oversaw relationships with more than 9,000 individual and corporate donors.

Congratulations to Brian and the American Case Management Association—we look forward to their success together.

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