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DRi Announces New Chief Development Officer

DRis pleased to announce the placement of a Chief Development Officer as the Armed Services YMCA , an organization providing hands-on, innovative, specialized programs and support services to military service members and their families.

DRChief Operating Officer and Principal Nancy Racette has partnered with the Armed Services Senior Leadership team to significantly expand their comprehensive fundraising program. Nancy pulled together a list of highly qualified individuals to provide strategic development leadership to advance the ASYMCA’s mission.

Today we congratulate Dorene Ocamb on becoming the Armed Services YMCA Chief Development Officer. Dorene is a proven fundraising strategist with experience raising revenue, increasing goals, and creating brand awareness. Dorene most recently served as the Principal at The Ocamb Group where she provides nonprofit consulting services in fundraising & marketing. Dorene was previously promoted through multiple roles at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) over her 13 year career there, including: Acting Vice President of Marketing and Development, National Senior Director of Integrated Marketing, National Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, National Director of Marketing, and National Manager of Internal and Executive Communications. In her most recent role as Acting Vice President, Dorene directed national outreach for a $36M program, with a focus on increasing revenue and cultivating relationships with prospective individual donors as well as corporate and foundation partners.

We congratulate Dorene and the Armed Services YMCA—we look forward to seeing their success together.

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