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Announcing the new CEO of YR Media

DRiWaterstone is pleased to announce the placement of the Chief Executive Officer at YR Media, a swiftly growing Oakland, CA-based organization that champions youth voices by building critical skills in journalism, arts, and media.

DRiWaterstone partnered with YR Media to find a non-profit leader to direct a major planned expansion of the organization’s national footprint. The CEO will steer YR Media’s continued evolution into a multi-media ecosystem that amplifies the energy and talents of young people to reshape the broader public media landscape.

We would like to congratulate Kyra Kyles for becoming the new Chief Executive Officer at YR Media. Kyra has spent over 20 years in the media business, with much of her career focused on attracting and engaging with the 18-34-year-old demographic. In her most recent role, Kyra was responsible for managing a grant portfolio that funded journalism and documentary filmmaking on racial equity in Chicago’s underserved areas. Kyra is excited to join a forward-looking organization that provides a platform for young people.

Congratulations to Kyra and YR Media – we know that Kyra’s leadership will continue to expand YR Media’s strong foundations into a national platform.

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