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Congratulations to the New Chief Development Officer of Greenpeace

DRiWaterstone is excited to announce the placement of the new Chief Development Officer of Greenpeace, one of the most influential environmental advocacy organizations in the world.

Managing Director Sherry Ettleson partnered with Greenpeace to identify a new member of the Senior Management Team working to meet this crucial moment in history, when we are the first generation to understand and experience the impacts of climate change and global ecosystem destruction and the last generation with a window of time to do something about it. Sherry recruited dynamic, visionary, and transformational fundraisers to lead a fast-growing and comprehensive program of canvassing, direct mail, digital fundraising, and major gifts from individuals and foundations.

Today we are pleased to announce that Tricia Hart will be the next Chief Development Officer of Greenpeace. Tricia most recently served as National Director of Marketing and Engagement at Amnesty International USA, where she expanded direct mail and digital giving programs to generate $30M of the organization’s $46M budget. Tricia previously served as a fundraising leader in multiple healthcare organizations, including Orbis International and Alliance for Lupus Research; in both organizations, she raised more than $5M annually. Tricia looks forward to bringing her fundraising and non-profit expertise to one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Congratulations to Tricia and Greenpeace—we look forward to the critical work they will do together.

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