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AARP Foundation Board of Directors Application

For best results, please complete this application using the Google Chrome web browser.

Thank you for your interest in serving on the AARP Foundation Board of Directors.

By submitting this application you attest that:
The information you have provided in this application is true and correct.
You understand that you will be subject to a full background check including credit and criminal checks if you are identified as a possible candidate for the AARP Foundation Board.
You understand you will be asked to sign a conflicts of interest statement.
You are willing to serve a two-year term and up to three additional terms.

AARP Foundation Policy on Personal Political Activity

AARP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is nonpartisan and nonpolitical. As a result, AARP Foundation Board members must comply with the AARP Foundation Policy on Personal Political Activity that among other things prohibits them from publicly endorsing or opposing candidates and political parties or engaging in other types of partisan or political activity. Please read the policy to gain a greater understanding of the restrictions placed on Board members.

    Financial acumenExperience with and commitment to fundraisingAbility to harness shared valueUnderstanding of consumer marketingMotivated by passion for AARP Foundation's missionBackground in innovation, social, entrepreneurship, or digital technologyWilling to be active and deeply engaged in the work

    Provide information about current and past board service at large, complex organizations that are state, regional, national, or international in scope.

    If you chaired the boards above or served in another leadership position on one of these boards (committee chair, board chair), list the leadership position and duration of appointment.

    Please provide information about your volunteer experience other than board service. (Do not repeat board experience already listed above.)