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Annual Giving

Annual giving is the cornerstone of a successful development department: a strong program creates both a reliable source of revenue and a network of major donor prospects and volunteers. Opportunities to build annual programs have grown more technologically diverse, but with that diversity comes increased sophistication and complexity. DRiWaterstone can help you navigate the process.

Not Just Direct Mail

Direct mail is part of any healthy annual giving program. It requires message development, list segmentation, and vendor management. But it’s certainly not the only element. A strong annual giving program can include telemarketing, email appeals, online giving, and personal donor outreach. You need to have a sense of who your donors are, where you’ll find them, and where they’re most likely to engage with –and what messages will most effectively motivate them to take action.

Annual Giving as Donor Pipeline

You probably need a specialist in annual giving to manage this complex effort. But the best specialists will understand how the program fits in the larger picture. An annual program’s success is not measured just in dollars raised but in leads for the rest of the department. DRiWaterstone’s executive search practice identifies annual program specialists. Our development consultants address annual programs within our strategic fundraising plans and provide training to ensure that staff members work effectively together.

How to Get Started

We invite you to schedule a free 30-minute conversation about your development program and to talk about the parameters for an annual giving program.