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Development Assessments

Fundraising assessments are the foundation for effective revenue generation. Until you know the strengths and weaknesses of your non-profit’s historical fundraising efforts, you cannot be sure of how to reposition them for the future. DRiWaterstone is a practiced and skilled partner at assessing development programs. Drawing on decades of experience evaluating and redesigning programs across the sector, we perform assessments that reveal patterns and set priorities for successful strategic fundraising plans.

SWOT Analyses

A fundraising assessment is not just a glimpse of how much money you’ve raised; it’s an in-depth analysis of how you’ve raised it and of what untapped resources exist to do it more effectively. DRi’s thorough knowledge of non-profit fundraising and donor communications, in all their traditional and most innovative forms, gives our clients an invaluable perspective in the assessment of their own fundraising programs’ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Challenges (SWOT). Our assessments utilize wide-ranging research to model the internal mechanics and external environment of revenue generation in your organization. We also look at how effectively your organization’s Unique Value Proposition is being communicated through external channels and if there is consistency in how your Board and staff talk about your organization’s work.

Moving progressively outward from internal financial records to interviews with volunteers and donors to an environmental scan of your most important prospective allies and competitors, we identify the tangible and intangible assets you have to work with, the range of high- and low-priority opportunities you can pursue, and the most significant challenges. Our analysis calculates the rewards and risks of multiple paths forward, putting you in a position to make clear-eyed decisions about what kinds of investments will enable your non-profit to grow, thrive, and excel.

Assessments as Cultivation

DRi’s holistic approach makes development assessments into a donor cultivation opportunity. The work of analyzing a fundraising program is not as simple as examining its strategic plan, database, and staff structure. These elements are important, but one of your most significant assets is your relationships—with both active and prospective donors and volunteers. Fundraising assessments, when conducted by expert relationship managers, can engage donors and connect them to your plans for growth. DRi’s experienced, award-winning development consultants have the skills to conduct interviews that gather information about how your organization’s messages are being heard by prospects and donors and lay the groundwork for further conversations to connect donors fully to them.

How to Get an Assessment

DRiWaterstone is pleased to offer complimentary 30-minute conversations about your comprehensive development efforts. To begin a conversation and learn more about the possibilities of an assessment, request a phone call  or call us at 703-294-6684.