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Major Gift Portfolio Development

Well-designed major giving programs represent the single most cost-effective and powerful component of a contemporary development strategy. Revenue from major gifts can be transformative, creating opportunities to re-invest in even greater fundraising initiatives while supporting expanded and enhanced programs. But major donors must be identified and a system for cultivating them must be established before a fundraiser can begin soliciting gifts. As an experienced development consultant, DRiWaterstone can conduct prospect research and establish donor management systems in order to build a major donor pipeline and jump-start a non-profit’s fundraising efforts, enabling you to hire permanent fundraising staff.

Prospect Research

DRiWaterstone is able to evaluate which of your existing donors represent the highest-priority targets for beginning a major giving program. Using a variety of subscription databases and public records, we also identify unaffiliated prospects and conduct a variety of assessments that reveal their capacity, inclination, and affinity to give to your non-profit. Based on this comprehensive information, we develop and deliver a prioritized list of donors that a major gift officer can begin to cultivate.

Donor Engagement

While a portfolio of prospects is critical to a major giving program, a portfolio management process is equally important. DRiWaterstone develops and delivers a calendar of meaningful actions that will build sustainable relationships with potential donors to your non-profit.


There is often a lag between the development of the tools for a major giving program and the availability of fundraising staff to carry it out. To keep momentum, DRiWaterstone works with our clients to develop targeted, strategic “asks” for particular donors and to secure high-impact gifts during this period.

Short- and Long-Term Results

Our major gift portfolio development quickly creates revenue for our clients in the short and, in the long term, demonstrates sustainable capacity for frontline fundraising staff who will continue to increase donors’ giving levels, deepen their engagement, and identify new prospects.

How to Get Started

To evaluate whether you are ready to lay the groundwork for a major giving program, request a development consultation today.