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Strategic Communications

An effective fundraising strategy requires an effective communications strategy. Ensuring you have the most compelling messages, delivered to the right audiences, is central to achieving your fundraising and campaign goals. DRi’s Strategic Communications Services help all the non-profits DRi serves by working in tandem with development departments, staff and Boards to tell your organization’s story in ways that will motivate audiences to act.

3-D Strategic Communications Plans

Our communications experts work with clients at the planning stages of campaigns to develop a comprehensive communications strategy that’s 3-D: development, delivery, and discipline. Message development generates the right messages right from the start. Message delivery activates the best communication channels to deliver compelling messages to the audiences that need to be engaged. And, message discipline ensures that messages are delivered consistently so donors and other audiences know the unique value your organization or campaign will deliver – no matter where they look or who they talk to.

Message Training

Often Board members and staff are not on the same page when it comes to telling an organization’s story. Staff members in individual branches of a program may also develop pitches that are effective for them but don’t advance the work of their colleagues. We can provide engaging message trainings that help ensure that the most compelling messages are delivered by your key ambassadors and aid your entire organization.

Surround Sound Communications Assessments

Ensuring that your priority messages are getting through the “noise” is what our assessments are all about. We evaluate how effectively your organization’s messages are being delivered to your priority targets. We’ll investigate all your communications channels, online and offline, and make recommendations for greater precision, amplification, and impact.

Building Communications Capacity

We can help identify what specific skills and resources your Communications team needs and help you build that communications capacity, whether it is a new initiative we are building from the ground up or an enhancement of an existing program. We offer a comprehensive approach, including identification of strategic priorities, recommendations on staff structure, hands-on training, and/or interim leadership.

Internal Communications

We offer individual and team coaching to ensure that your communications team is collaborating effectively with other departments, such as Programs and Development. Our examination of internal communications builds the architecture for successful external relations and enables your teams to work cohesively as they confront new challenges and environmental change.

Interim Leadership

We provide off-site or on-site interim leadership while your internal communications effort is being built. Working either with a stand-alone unit or with a communications function within a development department, our interim leaders keep communications strategy alert and active, engage leaders and Board members in significant time-sensitive opportunities, and coach existing staff to build their strengths. Our interim services can be particularly useful while you are conducting a search for a full-time communications leader. We sustain and build momentum, enabling your new leader to take the helm of the strongest department possible on day one.

How to Get Started

We invite you to schedule a free 30-minute conversation about how to increase the effectiveness of your communications program.