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Introducing ARCE’s Director of Development Laura Rheintgen

DRwas happy to identify Laura Rheintgen as ARCE’s Director of Development.

A returning client, DRrecently worked with The American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) to find their current Executive Director. ARCE was formed in 1948 by a consortium of American educational and cultural institutions to assist American scholars conducting research in Egypt. Since 1993, it has expanded its role and worked in close collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development and Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities to conserve dozens of monuments and train hundreds of local archaeologists and architectural conservators. During Egypt’s civil unrest, ARCE provided much-needed conservation equipment after the Institute d’Egypte was burned. Besides conserving vital cultural sites, ARCE strengthens Egyptian-American relations through close collaboration between scholars and conservationists. Though its work and partnerships, ARCE is committed to preserving an irreplaceable birthplace of human civilization.

Laura joins ARCE at an exciting time in its history as it prepares to celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2018. As ARCE’s Director of Development, Laura is required to maintain a network across multiple fields, including the academic, art, and historical sectors. High-profile research and cultural institutions, including the British Museum, the American University in Cairo, Princeton University, and the University of Notre Dame, are among ARCE’s members, and are utilized to recruit both support and visibility to ARCE’s endeavors. With its high-profile and extensive work, the next Director of Development of ARCE would need to be as dedicated as the organization.

Laura’s past experience would serve her well in this position. She possessed over 20 years of development experience, with the majority of it in prominent international organizations, including the Center for Strategic and International Studies, The European Institute, and the United States Institute of Peace. Her B.A. in German and International Studies from West Virginia University, along with her M.A. in International Affairs from American University, also gave her a thorough understanding of the issues ARCE confronts daily.

We wish Laura and ARCE luck in their vital work preserving the past for all future generations.

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DRiWaterstone is pleased to announce the placement of Natalie Champ as Carnegie Science’s Manager of Donor Relations. Natalie will serve an integral role in Carnegie Science’s new comprehensive fundraising program.

The Carnegie Institution for Society lives up to its motto of “to encourage discovery and the application of knowledge to the improvement of humankind.” Established with Andrew Carnegie’s substantial $1 billion endowment, Carnegie Science has long supported independent researchers at the forefront of scientific discovery. These researchers have made contributions to everything from the discovery of dark matter to the development of Pyrex glass. Free from external funding’s pressures or interests, Carnegie scientists are able to pursue their own initiatives and discoveries.

Even Andrew Carnegie himself could not have imagined the extent of his institution’s discovery in its over 100 year existence. Today, Carnegie scientists are leaders in the fields of astronomy, Earth and planetary sciences, genetics and developmental biology, global ecology, materials science, and plant biology. The institution’s scientific potential will soon outpace and outgrow Carnegie’s endowment. Under the direction of President Matthew P. Scott, the institution resolved to create a best-in-class fundraising program that would match and sustain its world-class research.

Matching groundbreaking scientific work being no small task, DRknew that Carnegie Science’s Manager of Donor Relations would have to have the same trailblazing attitude as its research. Natalie emerged as the ideal person who could bring Carnegie Science’s fundraising, and by extension its research, to the next level. Her ability to comprehend and translate the intricacies of conservation to donors within The Wilderness Society was a clear signal that she could use the complexities of scientific research at Carnegie to engage and enthrall donors. Natalie’s prior experience as a science and math teacher would no doubt aid her ability to communicate scientific priorities to donor audiences. Her inquisitive attitude and questioning nature with colleagues made it clear that she would develop a thorough understanding of Carnegie Science and its work quickly.

We look forward to hearing of Natalie and Carnegie Science’s groundbreaking discoveries in the future.

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DRi was happy to work with Year Up Chicago to find Rachel Wind as their next Director of Development.

Year Up provides empowering services to low-income young adults to help them learn and develop their professional skills. After only one year, students are ready to enter the professional workplace after being exposed to Year Up’s academic and professional programs. After developing their technical skills in the classroom, young adults gain practical, hands-on experience at an internship at one of Year Up’s corporate partners.

DRhas worked with Year Up many times before, and knew what kind of candidate was needed for the position at Year Up Chicago. The next Director of Development would not only need an intimate knowledge of Chicago and its philanthropic environment, but would also have to effectively communicate how donors’ dollars will directly impact youth adults who strive for success and whose motivations are insatiable. We knew that Rachel and Year Up Chicago was a match that could not be bested.

Her father was a pastor, and Rachel has recognized the importance of service to others since she was a child. After serving in multiple development positions throughout Chicago, constantly raising revenues and expanding donor bases, Rachel served as the Director of Philanthropy at Youth Outreach Services, a Chicago non-profit that works with teens and young adults to promote healthy and safe living habits. DRknew that Rachel had a thorough understanding of the challenges and obstacles that young adults can face, and that she could use her increased understanding to convince donors of the need to give youth all the support possible. A native of Chicago, Rachel received her Bachelor’s from St. Olaf College and her Master’s of Divinity from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

We congratulate Rachel and Year Up Chicago and look forward to hearing all of their accomplishments from the Midwest.

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