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Braden Douglas

CREW Marketing Partners Founding Partner


Braden Douglas is a renowned marketing strategist who’s built a successful career as head of a dynamic marketing company and as a keynote speaker at international events and seminars.

His agency, CREW Marketing Partners, has achieved an annual growth rate of 40 percent since its inception in 2007. CREW is now one of the top five media and digital firms in British Columbia and one of the fastest growing agencies in Canada.

Using his own foundational marketing strategy process, Braden works with organizations to successfully use marketing as a competitive advantage that provides real ROI. Braden launched his career in brand management with Procter & Gamble and Frito Lay and now has pioneered a unique business model that combines marketing management with amazing creative execution for a full-service firm that’s a perfect fit for growth oriented organizations. CREW Marketing now has multiple offices in Surrey, Kelowna and most recently, Oakville, Ontario.

As a speaker and writer, Braden delivers practical and straightforward marketing, leadership and entrepreneurial advice to audiences and inboxes around the world. His highly accessible strategic insights, powered by his enthusiasm and personal energy, has made him an influential thought leader in the business community.

Braden lives outside Vancouver, BC, with his amazing and patient wife, Jen, and two children, Rylan and London. He’s an avid reader, runner, sports fan and health enthusiast with a strong faith throughout all he does.