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Chris Murumets

LOGIQ3 Co-Founder


As CEO and Co-Founder of LOGiQ3 Group, Chris’ responsibility is to ensure growth of the entire organization, leverage synergies where possible, and explore opportunities to increase the footprint across the entire operations – LOGiQ3, APEXA, TAI, and Cookhouse Lab. Chris helps sets the strategic and innovative direction of these companies and is always trying to help direct these organizations to make insurance better.

Chris has been part of the insurance and reinsurance industry for over 25 years. Starting at Crown Life and later at Sun Life Chris’s career spanned ceded administration, corporate actuarial, assets/liability management and reinsurance operations.

He has been active in many industry related organizations, holding positions such as President of the LOMA Society of Toronto, Executive Director to CAILBA, Past Chair and founding member of Reinsurance Administration Professionals’ Association and VP, Woodsworth College Alumni Association at the University of Toronto, grooming and inspiring young minds.

A serial entrepreneur and someone who always wants to find a different way, Chris has helped lead the successful establishment of three start-up businesses, including the newest addition of Cookhouse Lab, the insurance industry’s first open innovation space. Above all, Chris is thankful every day to love his job and work with friends.