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Rann Sharma

WE Global Head of People Operations and Culture


Rann is the Global Head of People Operations and Culture for WE, working across Canada, India, Kenya, the US and the UK. She has ensured the recognition of Free The Children as Canada’s Top Employer for Young People and Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures in 2013 and 2016. Rann has been awarded admission into the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) Wisdom II Mentorship Program featuring Canada’s most influential female audience. She serves on the University of Toronto’s Career Centre Advisory Board. Passionate about organizational culture, Rann has been appointed to Waterstone Capital’s Board of Governors where she responsible for identifying organizations with top corporate cultures. In 2014, Rann was selected as one of 16 Canadians to work on public policy and leadership development as an Action Canada fellow. In 2015, Rann was invited as a judge at Venture for Canada’s National Fellow Selection Day encouraging the development of entrepreneurial skills for young people.

Rann holds degrees from Lancaster University and Trent University. She has worked on the Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme held in partnership through the Japanese and Canadian governments. Rann has been profiled in Maclean’s magazine University Rankings Edition, Education Today, Charity Village, The National Post and Canadian HR Reporter.