What Winners Are Saying

There are a lot of benefits to taking part in the Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures Awards program – from celebrating your culture to networking and sharing best practices with leaders from other top organizations across the country. Here are testimonials from some of the current and former award winners:

Nan Oldroyd
AVP, Employee Experience
Canada's Most Admired Summit and Awards Celebration Testimonial
Dean Koeller President and CEO Calvert Home Mortgage Investment Corporation Canada's Most Admired Summit and Awards Celebration Testimonial
Leigh Bryant
Director, Brand & Culture
Canada's Most Admired Summit and Awards Celebration Testimonial
Anne Bermingham President 2WA Consulting Inc Certified Forum Chair MacKay CEO Forums

“Being named one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures has been an enormous accomplishment for our team at FISPAN. This recognition has not only highlighted the importance of our people-centric initiatives, but it will also continue to encourage us to provide the support that allow our employees to succeed in and outside of the workplace. In addition to our award, having access to the Most Admired Corporate Cultures network has enabled us to meet other companies with the most exceptional cultures across the country. This network will be a key contributor for FISPAN to build upon our cultural foundation and leverage the relationships, resources, and support we’ve been grateful to receive”

Claudia Ivanova, Head of Human Resources, FISPAN (2021 award winner)

“Security Compass had the honour of participating and winning Canada’s Most Admired Cultures program.  There is no question in my mind that this prestigious award has given us a significant competitive advantage in this challenging job market.   Not only have candidates regularly cited this award as part of the reason they responded to our recruitment team’s outreaches and we saw a boost in employee engagement after the win!”

Michelle Brooks, Chief People & Culture Officer, Security Compass (2021 award winner)

“Being recognized twice as one of Canada’s Most AdmiredTM Corporate Cultures (2017 and 2020) is a great source of pride for us at Odlum Brown. Beyond simply believing that our corporate culture is special, we have a tangible achievement to celebrate with our team, and the opportunity to connect with and learn from a community of other inspiring organizations has been immensely valuable. Participating in the Canada’s Most AdmiredTM Corporate Cultures program has truly become an important part of how we see ourselves as a firm, and an aspect of our value proposition to clients and team members alike. I would encourage any organization who believes in the crucial role of corporate culture to take part.”

Debra Doucette, President and CEO, Odlum Brown Limited (2017 and 2020 winner)