Waterstone Executive Search: What Clients Are Saying

At Waterstone Human Capital, our retained executive search professionals are proud to help exceptional clients recruit transformational leaders who are integral to their ability to meet strategic, growth, and performance goals. Here’s what some of our clients have said about working with Waterstone:

  • “Waterstone was able to help me focus on what was important for the role and used that insight to find and bring forward very high quality candidates I would not have been able to find on my own.”
    S Leighton, President, CGL Manufacturing Ltd.

  • “I really appreciate Waterstone’s benchmarking and discover process, plus the fact that they took that information to develop a list of target industries and companies. We were happy to be faced with a really difficult decision in terms of picking our final candidate – it was a good problem to have.”
    G Connelly, CEO,  NuPath Health

  • “Your requirements are heard, you don’t need to repeat yourself, the search team is always available, the quantity and quality of possible candidates will surprise you – Why would you need to go elsewhere for your hiring searches?”
    M Pochtaruk, President, Heliene Inc.

  • “We wanted to work with an organization where culture was their area of expertise. To have a culture institute says a lot. Culture is important to me, and it’s an area I work on quite a bit: What are the tenets? What makes it real for employees? So, working with a leader who has knowledge, experience, and learnings from different sectors – it ensures that the best work with get done.”
    Trish Barbato, President and CEO, Arthritis Society Canada

  • “What Waterstone did differently, and which I appreciated, was the manner in which they did [the search]. It was based on clarity and empathy: here are the facts so there’s no misunderstanding.”
    Sushant Trivedi, CEO at Fresh Tracks Canada

  • “We were on the same page throughout [the process] with regards to the type of candidate we were looking for… and we found an amazing candidate as a result of the partnership together”
    Andrew Bulmer, President, Active International

  • “Everything was fantastic! The weekly report and touchpoints with the Waterstone Team, the pre-screening interviews followed by discussing each candidate, the TTI matrix report and discussion, the background and referrals check.”
    Sebastien Desmarais, President, Hollywood Woodwork

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