The Culturepreneur: How High Performance Leaders Craft Culture as Competitive Advantage

Culture is no longer a factor in the high performance equation: it is the equation!

We are in the midst of a seismic shift in leadership and company culture—one accelerated by the recent pandemic. In an era of remote work and online communications, company culture isn’t bounded by walls or the type of business it does. It is tied to the attitudes, behaviors, and values of the people who create it.

Throw in the increasing competition for talent, and the increasing desire for employees to find a shared purpose or connection with their employer, and it’s clear that true leadership requires a new set of skills and a new way of thinking. It requires you to become a culturepreneur—a leader who purposefully crafts culture and puts it at the centre of business strategy resulting in unprecedented growth and sustained competitive advantage. Listen to a copy of the audiobook.

marty parker

In his new book, acclaimed author, speaker, and global expert on human capital Marty Parker takes you through what it means to be a culturepreneur, and how you can implement a culture operating system that drives culture transformation. Through interviews with notable leaders, case studies, and a review of best practices across industries, Parker illuminates how to approach culture as a deliberate goal—as opposed to an organic evolution—how to curate it, and how to develop a business system around it.

You’ll learn about the five key attributes of today’s high-performance leaders, and emerge with a new culturepreneurial mindset that will give you the corporate culture you desire and need—one supported by planning, leadership alignment, measurement, and the right human systems. An essential resource for current CEOs, leaders, and future leaders who realize a new cultural order is transforming what effective leadership is about, The Culturepreneur will help you and your organization reach new levels of performance—driving human, organizational, societal, and economic successes that exceed even your own expectations.