David Poirier

David is a dynamic and visionary leader who developed a broad spectrum of expertise throughout his career. He provides oversight and perspective acquired from over 25 years of successful C-Suite experience across major National and International organizations. David works with leaders to create and translate strategic roadmaps into actionable goals, helping organizations achieve their full potential

Throughout these experiences, David has developed a unique ability to see past the noise to the underlying issues that hinder progress and growth. Essential to any sustainable change is a solid organizational culture and alignment, and this is where David provides the greatest value.

David founded The Poirier Group (TPG) to make a meaningful difference as a “values-based” boutique management consulting ­firm. TPG focuses on driving operational improvements, executing strategic plans, and transforming business across the retail, private equity, manufacturing and healthcare sectors in North America. TPG prides itself on maintaining a 100% positive customer referral rate since its inception in 2005, earned by enacting positive changes within organizations that remain sustainable years later.