High-Performance Leadership Development Program

When your culture is aligned with your strategy, and your leaders are aligned with your culture, you will see enormous engagement from team members – and  exceptional results!

Our leadership team development program, Building High Performance Teams and Cultures, is based on over 30 years of research in leadership, team, and organizational performance.  This three-module leadership development and change management process is designed to provide leaders with everything they need to put culture at the centre of strategy,  build high-performance teams, and take their leadership effectiveness and their organizations to the next level.

Delivered virtually or in-person over the course of three to five months, Building High Performance Teams and Cultures is a tailored and highly interactive experience that gives your leaders the tools, focus, and skills they need to demonstrate the five attributes proven to make the biggest difference in the building of high-performance teams and cultures.

Those organizations that are consistently at the front of the pack ensure that learning and development is part of the culture.

Marty Parker, CEO Waterstone Human Capital

Five Attributes of High Performance Teams and Cultures

From corporate performance management to goal-setting, the five attributes below are the building blocks of a high-performing culture and team. They are essential for anyone looking to make an impact on their team and their organization.

Psychological Safety

High performance cannot be achieved and sustained without a psychologically safe environment. Psychological safety is more than an environment based on trust, it requires that leaders enable their team members to demonstrate the candour, accountability, respect, and interpersonal risk taking that are essential to performance. Watch The Video.


Accountability occurs when leaders create a collaborative and co-operative environment where team members are empowered to be proactive and to look for opportunities to contribute to the team and to the organization’s success. It is an environment where team members demonstrate the commitment and integrity required to achieve high performance. Watch The Video.


Studies show that when people believe their work matters, they are four times more likely to be engaged, far more motivated, learn faster, and more fulfilled. This requires that leaders actively seek to understand what is most meaningful to each of their team members and then align each team members’ individual desire for purpose in their work with the organization’s purpose, vision, and strategy. Watch The Video.


Impact is about meaningfully recognizing and appreciating team members for their contributions and effort, as well as for the outcomes they achieve. When leaders connect team members to the impact they have on success, team members know their work is valued and as a result productivity, engagement, and motivation are significantly increased. Watch The Video.

Continuous Learning

When leaders foster continuous learning, team members are able to embrace discomfort and agility, and to operate with the ambiguity, flexibility, and risk-taking that is required to thrive in today’s work environment. Watch The Video.

Build a High-Performance Team

Our three-module, high-performance leadership program, Building High Performance Teams and Leaders, equips you  with the tools, focus, skills, and information you need to help build a high performance team and drive success.

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