Farzad Kajouii

Passionate about the positive impact that technology can have, Farzad Kajouii has been with Juno College since 2018, currently serving as CEO. Juno College holds a special place in the Canadian tech ecosystem, creating a welcoming and transformational space where people can change their careers and lives for the better. Since 2012, Juno College has helped over 10,000 students change and level up their careers. As CEO, Farzad is committed to driving Juno’s innovative vision of building tech education for the future. 

Prior to joining Juno, In addition to his years of experience at Juno, Farzad VP of a TSX venture 50 company and co-founder of a charity that provides access to education in Kenya. He holds a science degree from McMaster University and is a graduate of Juno College’s own Web Development program.